Centering Coaching

Centering Coaching [in person or by phone*] might be just what you need to learn how to live in your calm center in the midst the swirl of your life’s activities and stresses.

We’re all bombarded with Too Much Information these days. And there are strategies you can easily learn to find that quiet center and live from there.

I have over 30 years experience teaching/coaching people in the art of Centering, (also known as the relaxation response). It is really a body/mind skill which requires some initial instruction, and can continually improve with coaching and practice.

My goal is to de-mystify Centering and show you how simple and enjoyable it is to nurture yourself and thereby allow your body’s natural self-healing powers to thrive. Regular practice of Centering decreases anxiety and empowers a sense of control over you state of health and well-being. Centering is a kind of personal hygiene and nourishment. Just as we regularly shower, brush teeth, and eat and sleep, so we need to take time our on a daily basis to consciously come back to our calm center. Life is so much sweeter in the “eye” than in the “storm”.

Centering Coaching is a four-part programme:

1] verbal consultations: In one-to-one dialogues, we can explore your particular situation, and assess your needs. These talks will help you identify the sources and symptoms of your stress, as well as the coping strategies that are already working well for you. Then together we can explore a variety of new Centering strategies and techniques to allow you to manage your stress much more effectively.

2] instruction in one or more specific techniques: individually, or with a friend/partner, you can experience a variety of relaxation techniques tailored to your unique needs.

3] practice at home to integrate these techniques into your daily routines of self-care. It is the regular practice that re-trains the nervous system to respond more calmly under stress. 

4] phone* follow-up: Each Centering Coaching session includes a FREE 15-minute follow-up call about a week later to discuss your progress, and explore ways to make further improvements.

* Toll-free from anywhere in North America.

Centering Coaching: $100 per session [approximately an hour]

If you’ve been living too long in the storm, and might be amazed to rediscover the depth of peace that is possible!

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