Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates make the purr-fect healthy treat any time of year!

They can be used for any of the services listed, and can be purchased in ANY amount.

Amount:      Can be redeemed for:                                           Reward! [see below]

          $145:             90-minute Mystical Massage [a $25 savings*] or applied toward workshops.

          $95:             60-minute Mystical Massage [a $25 savings*] or one session of:

                                                  Transformational Life Coaching

                                                        Personal Yoga Trainingor applied toward workshops.

          $50:             30-minute Mystical Massage [a $10 savings*] This “get acquainted” session can be upgraded to longer by the recipient if they are liking their massage.  ANY other amount higher or lower can be credited toward any of the above services or applied toward workshops.

*The Fine Print: I offer a discount for my Gift Certificates because they bring me new clients. So there are 2 restrictions: only one Gift Certificate per recipient, and they may not be used by the donor.

 You can Pay for, and get your Gift Certificates in any of 4 easy ways:

  • Pay by E-transfer from your bank to mine.
    • Use email “coach @” [remove the spaces]
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
    • By Phone: leave a secure voice mail at 778-786-3677 or toll-free 1-877-786-3677
    • Email “coach @” [remove the spaces around @ ]
    • Include:
      • your card number
      • expiry date
      • security code [3 numbers on card back] and
      • the postal code where you receive your statements
      • your email address
      • I suggest breaking your numbers up into multiple email for security purposes.
  • High-Tech:
    • You can download blank Gift Certificate forms here: click.
    • I will email you the Validation Number[s] upon receipt of payment
  • Medium-Tech:
    • If you prefer, I will be snail-mail your Gift Certificate[s] 
    • In this case, I will enter the Validation Number[s] before I snail them.  
    • Be sure to specify where to mail the Gift Certificate[s]: to you, or the lucky recipients, and give complete postal address[es], and if/how you would like them signed.
  • Low-Tech
    • Mail your cheque [plus instruction about to whom to mail the GC]:
    • Please call or email for my address. 
  • No-Tech:
    • Pay cash in person. I will hand you the Gift Certificate[s], complete with Validation Numbers and envelopes in a choice of colours.


When you have bought 4 Gift Certificates for different friends, you earn credit toward an Individual Session for yourself. Your session credit is equal to the average amount of your four Gift Certificates. For example, when you have bought 4 $95 Gift Certificates, for different friends, you would earn a 60-minute Individual Session for FREE!


Keep some blank Gift Certificate forms on hand for those “sudden gifts” and get Validation Numbers as needed by phone or email with your credit card. You can download the blank Gift Certificates here, or I can snail you a supply.

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