• This 3-minute slide show is a Sequoia Forest Meditation which provides an overview of what I offer and why.
  • This 2-minute video is a virtual tour of my Touch Temple.”
  • Sacred Touch Yoga STY-card-front~ Touch is an essential form of nourishment. Most of us are under-nourished. So with the help of many wonderful friends, I’ve created this free on-line course teaching simple touch techniques that anyone can easily learn and share with friends and family. Share the love!

One thought on “Media

    Doug Cameron said:
    November 22, 2014 at 4:20 am

    Hi Sequoia, This new site looks great. So far everything works and the screens are easy to read. The only thing that requires review that I noticed is the alignment of each page. Some titles and bullets (either present or not) seem to be one or two spaces from a left alignment. The font is great, as is the colour.
    Content looks clear and complete. Good work!
    I must find the Gift Certificate I got from the Fowl Supper a few years ago. I have no idea where it went.
    Cheers my friend.


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