Mystical Massage

Mystical Massage is…

an effortless journey
of body relaxation,
emotional well-being,
and a calm mind,
into the deeper levels of your own self.

Mystical Massage is my personal synthesis of many healing touch techniques I have explored for over two decades.

Why “Mystical”?

It is based on the Yoga understanding that the body is the “temple of the spirit.”
Through nurturing, pleasurable touch, you will be honoured and connected to your entire body, heart, and soul. You can expect to feel more alive, attuned, and at-one with your whole self. I have a very peaceful room in my home overlooking Stanley Park, which is dedicated to yoga, meditation, and healing touch.
Mystical Massage uses a blend of soothing Esalan oil massage, gentle rocking and stretching of your limbs and spine, breathing awareness, and polarity/chakra energy balancing, which is customized for your individual preferences.

Any healing touch involves a certain amount of intimate contact.
You can decide the degree of intimacy that is most comforting for you.
For example, you may undress as much (or as little) as you wish. So that you feel warm and secure, I can cover (if you wish) all of you except the areas I am currently massaging.
We’ll take time to discuss your needs and boundaries before each session and for feedback at the end. Mystical Massage is intended to be nurturing and relaxing, and is not overtly erotic. Yet emotional or erotic feelings can occur with touching any part of the body, so I encourage you to simply breathe through and accept whatever feelings, emotions or sensations you experience. This is a time for deepening your relationship with your whole self.


One thought on “Mystical Massage

    Gordon said:
    January 6, 2016 at 3:57 am

    This sounds so peaceful.


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