“That was a symphony of touch.” “I feel cherished and grounded.”  JH, 2007

 ” You are a truly a priest of joy and bliss…” GT, 2011

 ” Your energy as a healer is profound. You are the real deal…it is hugely apparent that you heal on many levels and most massage therapists don’t.”

 “You are truly an artist! If you were a painter, you’d be ready for the Sistine Chapel.”

 “I felt hugged from the inside…connected with a place in myself where I know all is truly well.”  Jivan, 2008

“I think of the massages I’ve had with you quite a lot, still one of the most powerfully erotic experiences I’ve had 🙂   ​… I think  back to being naked on your table,  feeling hands slide over my torso and limbs.  ​… Thank you so much for all that amazing pleasure!” Clint, 2015

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