Massage Options

These optional variations are available at no extra charge:


For those wishing more structural alignment, to improve posture and help optimize the body’s relationship with gravity. I am training in a slow, gentle form of deep-tissue massage which can be incorporated into the Mystical Massage. I believe pain is counter-productive, and will ask you to give me ongoing feedback when we are working deeper, so that the experience is one of satisfying deep release, and not discomfort.
For Yoga enthusiasts, some of your massage can be done while you maintain any of your favourite asanas. For example, being massaged in Child’s Pose can give an amazing release to spinal muscles. Similarly, massaging the front torso or thighs during backbends can create a wonderful opening.


For those who wish to explore the connection between erotic and spiritual energies, I offer the option of integrating as much of the pelvic region as you wish, which circulates energy through all the chakras from the floor of the pelvis to the crown of the head. I have decades of experience exploring the ancient Tantra tradition, which views erotic energy as a gateway to heightened spiritual awareness. Please click here for more details.

Whichever options of Mystical Massage you choose, you can be assured of being touched only in ways that honour the wishes and boundaries you express.
I want you to feel safe and secure and taken-care-of at all times.

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