Personal Yoga Training

Individual instruction in TantraYoga can customize your learning to exactly what you need, and are ready for, in the realm of yoga, breathing, and meditation.

Personal Trainers in the fitness field help their clients:

  • learn safe and effective techniques,
  • stay motivated and committed to their programme, and
  • grow at the rate they are ready.

As your Personal Yoga Trainer, I will do all that, as well as guide you to discover which Yoga practices lead you to the deepest connection with your highest, inner-most Self, which is understood in Yoga to be Pure Consciousness: the Self of all.

TantraYoga is a gentle, meditative form of Hatha Yoga, which

  • integrates a variety of classical poses done in a flowing movement coördinated with your breathing
  • focusing on whole-body relaxation, as well as strength and flexibility, tailored to each person.

It is easy to learn and fun to practice: suitable for beginning and intermediate students.

Cost: just $100 for 90 minutes [sliding scale $100-80 for those who need it], at my peaceful Stanley Park studio, for 1 or 2 people.

  • Yes: come with a friend or partner: 2 for the same price as 1, and you’ll have a yoga buddy to practice with!
  • Save money and create a supportive Yoga network: invite several friends to join you for a custom yoga class, and share the cost, and have some “yoga buddies” to practice with. [Please add $20 per half-hour of travel time to your home or office.]

What I teach:

My teaching is eclectic, drawing on 30 years of extensive study in the Desikachar, Kripalu, Iyengar, and Siddha Yoga traditions. Details about my background.
I have sought Yoga’s deepest wisdom about how we can live most fully — connecting body, heart and mind to the direct awareness of our own soul’s unity with the Universal Self.
I believe the practices of Yoga can lead to profound self-awareness of who we are at the deepest levels.
TantraYoga is an integrative approach to Yoga [“Tantra” = “to weave”], weaving together several of the “8 limbs” of classical Yoga practices, including:

  • Hatha (postures), a gentle, meditative form done in a vinyasa (flowing movement coordinated with your breathing) … focusing on whole-body relaxation, as well as strength and flexibility, tailored to each person.
    • Partner work: whether you work with me by yourself or with a friend/partner, I’d be happy to show you a number of ways of doing the postures with the assistance of another person, which can deepen the stretch and heighten awareness.
  • Pranayama (controlled breathing): In contrast to Ashtanga/Power yoga, which are strenuously aerobic, TantraYoga approaches the stretching as an extension of long, calm breathing, which has a very soothing effect.
  • TantraYoga is intended to lead to a meditative state. I always conclude each session with Savasana, the much-loved lying-down guided relaxation, in which you’ll learn several effective ways to deeply calm the body/mind.

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