TLC ~ Transformational Life Coaching

As with all the other modalities I offer, I discovered Life Coaching on my own personal growth journey. I found it a very powerful and fun way to get really clear what I was wanting in my life. 

I offer Transformational Life Coaching because it’s another avenue towards High Level Wellness and greater fulfilment.

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Who can benefit from Transformational Life Coaching?

  • Are you living the life you dreamed you would?
  • Is this really the way you intended it to be?
  • Okay, truth be known it’s not so bad, right? Even if things aren’t as great as you envisioned them you still have it pretty good… right?
  • Mmmm. So what’s that nagging doubt all about in the back of your mind?
  • Are you just settling on the way things are in some parts of your life because you think there’s no other way, or because you haven’t made time in your busy life to look at the “big picture”?

Take a look at the “Life Satisfaction Wheel” above.

  • Are there some areas that jump out where you feel room to grow, to become more truly you?
  • Maybe there are other areas in your life where you are ready to make the next step.

People most often hire me for TLC when they are:

– making a personal transition,
– wanting greater intimacy,
– re-evaluating life choices, such as health or spirituality
– looking for personal and professional breakthroughs.

In this powerful alliance, clients find themselves:

– doing more than they would on their own,
– clarifying needs and values,
– accessing deeper levels of creative vision,
– taking themselves more seriously,
– creating momentum and consistency,
– taking more effective and focused actions,
– becoming more balanced and fulfilled.

In which areas of your life are you ready to move to the next level of Growing Fulfilment?

Call for your Free Sample Session today, and let’s talk.

I subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the logo-ICF

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