Body Enlighten

Body Enlighten is a powerful combination of

Combine coaching and bodywork into one session facilitates deeply looking into your heart and soul to tap your own inner wisdom.

Imagine making time to step out of your busy life to receive a nurturing, soothing, holistic massage, and then, in that relaxed, open state, when you have maximum access to your creative vision, to verbally explore ways to make your life more fulfilling.

Do you (or anyone you know) resonate with any of these…?

– in a rut? stuck in your job? bored with your relationship?
– overwhelmed by too much information? not enough time?
– feeling disconnected from yourself? wanting more intimacy?
– unable to really relax and look at the Big Picture of your life?
– too distracted from your creativity and core values, to have clarity about what directions you want your life to take?

It is not more information you need: it is more connection with your own wisdom, your “inner knowing.”

Befriend your body; let it guide to where you want to go!

A new future is possible. You can make real changes…find your own real “path with a heart.”
I believe you and each of us has within us a well of wisdom we can tap.

Mystical Massage and/or Tantra Yoga can help you access the clarity of the”deeper mind,”
including the “gut” feelings, and the heart’s intuitive wisdom.
Then, using Life Coaching skills, I help you to listen to that deep inner guidance, to picture how you wish your life to change, and to manifest that creative wisdom in all the aspects of your life that offer greater fulfilment.

Combining these powerful techniques, you can experience more value from each of them: you can leave each session feeling both deeply relaxed and inspired to make positive changes in your life.

And it’s more cost-effective to do both: each taken separately is $220,
yet this powerful combo is only $170 for a full 2-hour session.

Allow me to guide you on a journey into your self…

                          to connect your body, heart and soul…

                                                         to live your life’s highest purpose. 

One thought on “Body Enlighten

    jane said:
    July 24, 2019 at 12:38 am

    So nice 🙂


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