My usual rates* are $100/session. Between sessions, both of us spend time contemplating how you are progressing in your desired growth. 

Your investment in yourself is from $200-300/month for 3 months [or longer, as you choose].

People often feel this is a very modest investment for the benefits they experience.

*I do offer a sliding scale for those who need it; we can discuss your situation during your Free Sample Session.

Because behavioural changes take time to become established, it is important that we both have the initial intention of working together for at least 3 months. I do not ask for a written agreement or contract; I do ask you to have the clear intention of at least a 3-month commitment with monthly fees paid at the beginning of each month.

Should our coaching arrangement become unsatisfactory in some way, we can discuss how to make it work better for you.

If it becomes unworkable for any reason, either of us may withdraw at any time. In such cases, your unused fees would be returned.

Your commitment is to yourself:

  • to take time on an ongoing basis to focus on your life’s dreams and

  • to explore specific ways to make them your living reality.

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