How does it work?

How does TLC work?

How often do you get a chance to talk with someone at length about what is most important to you in life and have their undivided attention?

That’s just the beginning of what I offer you as your coach!

My coaching is usually done by phone, which means either of us can be anywhere, thus saving the time and expense of travelling to meet in person. 

A great way to have a direct experience of Transformation Life Coaching is to have a Free Sample Session:

  • For about a half an hour [either in person or by phone], we’ll focus on an area of your life where you are open to greater fulfilment.
  • We’ll explore your ideas for new directions and/or better focus.
  • I’ll assist you in finding your own answers from your own deeper wisdom.
  • At the end of the that session, you can expect to have experienced something of value: to have connected with a deeper place in yourself.
  • We’ll then spend a few more minutes discussing how a coaching relationship might look.

Whatever you share with me in our sessions, I hold in complete confidentiality.

One of the unique benefits of having a personal coach is the ongoing support. I talk with my clients typically three times a month. We discuss and set concrete goals they choose to works on until the next call. When they reach the goal, we move on. If not, we examine roadblocks and develop strategies to overcome them. Or we set different goals.

People do not make big changes overnight. Growing is a process. So Coaching occurs over time and requires the commitment of both the coach and the client. Typically, clients agree to 3-6 months of Transformational Life Coaching with 2 or 3 sessions per month, about 45-minute each. Each session is an expanded version of our first, in that you choose the focus which you feel would give you the most value in that moment.

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