What is TLC?

What is Transformational Life Coaching?

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As your Life Coach, I…

–invite you to regularly take time out of the busyness of your life to look at the Big Picture, to envision and create your life’s greatest fulfilment,
–listen to you deeply as you explore your highest visions,
–ask insightful questions to assist your focus and clarity,
–help you draw the roadmap to reach your goals
–offer encouragement and support along the way as you make positive changes.

Coaching can be fun!

I invite people to play with ideas about their lives, to look at possibilities in that playful way kids do: “When I grow up I’m gonna … “
As I get older I realize that dreams really can come true, and that it is essential to keep dreaming, to continually re-create our lives as true expressions of our souls.

Coaching begins with dreaming, then grounds the visions in practical, realistic, achievable steps. It is a professional co-creative relationship providing you with feedback, insights, and guidance from a neutral outside vantage point.

A Life Coach is a professional who is specifically trained to master the skills of listening, championing, challenging, clarifying, intuiting, getting to the core of who the client is. Out of this relationship, results happen, greater enjoyment of life occurs, joy and choice become a habit. Growth happens on all levels.

How is Coaching compared with counselling or therapy?

The profession of coaching has some similarities to the practice of a physician, counsellor or psychologist, in that you can rely on my skill, training and experience, and be assured of confidentiality.

The major difference is that coaching supports you in exploring your life’s visions. Coaching is not the same as counselling or psychotherapy, which help a person resolve emotional trauma from the past.

  • Therapy is like archaeology: digging to find and root out old wounds, unresolved/conflicted emotions and troubling behaviour/habits/addictions.
  • Life Coaching is like architecture: designing and building your new, optimum life, in harmony with your deepest dreams and values.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership exploring your deep personal beliefs, values and visions. It empowers you to realize extraordinary results through creative discovery, goal setting and taking specific action.

Coaching promotes becoming radically alive, balanced and fulfilled.

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