Why Sequoia?

Why choose me as your Personal Life Coach? 

My background in yoga and meditation lead me to approach coaching through the body and breath, which allows us together to get to a quieting of the mental chatter that usually clouds and obscures subtler levels of awareness.

I believe you have a well of wisdom we can tap by taking time together to focus…to find the “still small voice”…to manifest your creative insight in all the aspects of your life that offer greater fulfilment.

As your Life Coach I listen to you deeply and ask insightful questions to assist you to find your own answers from deep within, and offer ongoing support as you take practical steps toward your chosen goals.
Transformational Life Coaching draws on the latest insights in the field of positive psychology and neurology to empower you to tap into your highest wisdom to actualize your greatest life dreams.

I began developing these skill in the 1970s, learning peer counselling with John Enright, PhD in Berkeley, as well as starting a life-long practice of meditation. In the 1980s, I completed a Masters in “East/West Psychology” at the California Institute of Integral Studies, with a focus on ways to relax the body and mind to access that deeper wisdom. I completed a 2-year Yoga Teacher Training at the Iyengar Yoga Institute, and was certified in biofeedback. In the 1990s I studied and practiced Re-evaluation Co-counselling.
Since 2000, my interest in transformational communication and the new field of Positive Psychology led to study “The Art and Science of Coaching” at Erickson College in Vancouver, and through Coach Training Alliance in Boulder.

Of course, the best way to know if I’m the right Coach for you is to set up a Free Sample Session.

So contact me today! I look forward to speaking with you.


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